The Romanian Association for Health Promotion (ARPS) is a nongovernemental, non-profit organisation, established in December 2000.

Initially, the ARPS activity focused on reseach in the health field, and awareness raising campaigns for health promotion among the general population.

Starting with 2007, the association interests expanded, and the projects were implemented in other new areas, such as: education, migration and social. These developments have led to an increased project management and financial capacity of the organisation, that went alongside a better capacity to implement projects. The areas of expertise have been diversified over time, now including: research, technical assistance, information-communication, project management and training.

In 2012, ARPS set up the Research and Information Center on Immigrant Integration (www.cdcdi.ro/en/) that serves as a hub for migration projects.

In 2015, alongside other partner organisations, ARPS founded RoHealth – the Health Cluster (www.rohealth.ro) that aims to drive competitiveness and innovation in the health field through research and promotion of cooperation between companies, organisations, universities and public entities at national level.